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DISC Certification Workshop

Would you like to unlock the people puzzle so that you can understand people in minutes instead of months?

Would you like to develop enhance communications skills?

If so, join DISC Master Trainer Dave Pill on this one-day DISC Certification workshop to transform your relationships with people at work, with your peers, your friends and family... including your teenagers if you have them - in fact anyone at all!

In our opinion, this training is essential for coaches, leaders, managers, teachers, sales people, HR professionals, customer care teams, recruitment specialists and more.

DISC is a powerful tool that helps you REALLY understand people:

If you are a coach

Learn what the different styles expect from their coach - from the first communication right through to the last session.

Understand how the different styles go about goal setting and goal getting.

Find out what might get in their way and how to navigate through difficulty to achieve success.

If you are a leader or manager

Unlock the secret to understanding the people puzzle - find out what turns your team on and what turns them off.

Understand yourself so you can modify your behaviour to more effectively manage others to help them maximize their potential.

Conduct compelling meetings and drive your message home every time.

If you are a teacher, HR professional, salesperson, recruitment specialist


if work with people in any capacity learn how to make DISC work for you

People exhibit different styles in different situations

It is not the case of "One person... One Style." Learn about the high and low intensity types. Understand how DISC works and how it can work for you. It's all about the highs and lows of 'STYLE'.

Style Intensity

Some people have a high intensity style, others a low intensity style. There is no right or wrong, there is no good or bad... but they all require a different approach - This day will show you how to take the best approach and will show you how it works.

Style High Intensity Low Intensity
D Decides for everyone Decides not to decide
I You won't get a word in You won't get a word out
S Few changes, please Can change in an instant
C Lots of information please Don't bore with details and facts

Understand people in minutes instead of months.

This one-day workshop will help you to unlock the people puzzle.

What does the day involve?

It's an interactive day packed with DISC information:

  • Learn the foundations of DISC to become a master of communication
  • Understand the DISC behavioural model to understand why people do what they do
  • Gain a full understanding of the 4 basic DISC styles and how they set goals and face challenges Understand why the 4 styles get along and why sometimes they don't
  • Unlock the motivators, drivers and fears of each type to help maximise performance
  • Learn how to modify your own style to get the best out of your relationships

About Dave Pill

A qualified Teacher, Lecturer, Coach, NLP Practitioner and DISC European Master trainer, Dave has amassed a phenomenal amount of hands-on experience including 8 years as a teacher and lecturer followed by 15 years as a business owner and a further 6 years working with a string of large successful Organisations including First Leisure, Whitbread and Bourne Leisure. During the last 15 years, Dave has developed a reputation within the world of psychometric testing as a DISC European Master trainer by allowing organisations to understand why some teams are not connecting, the reasons behind poor performance and how to play to individuals strengths. Those who have attended training with Dave have often commented on how he brings the training to life, avoiding over complicating the detail so they leave saying 'I get it!'.

Sold out!

Disc Certification Workshop - Early Bird - £197 + VAT (Usually £247 + VAT)

Date:Saturday 18th April 2015

Time: 9:30am - 5:30pm

Venue: Devere West One, 9-10 Portland Place, London

Showcasing the best in the South West – 14th-15th May 2015. Register Today.

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The Business Showcase South West 2015 is a major business event that celebrates innovation, business, creativity and sustainability in the region. The genesis however is the foundation of Only Connect in early 2008. Only Connect has become one of the largest open networking events in the UK welcoming over 500 guests on each occasion.

Inspired by Bristol’s recent winning of the European Green Capital Award for 2015, BSSW 2015 builds on the resounding success of 22 Signature Events, and many smaller seminars – and the huge success of our inaugural first Showcase in April 2014.

BSSW 2015 features multiple zones for businesses to present and promote their products and services and we invite start-ups and SMEs as well as the largest companies to participate. There will be speeches of note in Hall 1. The event will feature respected speakers, who will provide exclusive keynote presentations though the day.

Better still, the day event will remain resolutely FREE for attendees including the keynotes.



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