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About The Entrepreneurs' Business Academy


EBA Vision


The Entrepreneurs' Business Academy is a unique and highly practical one stop resource for business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs, providing a range of courses , events and materials that give step-by-step guidance for entrepreneurs on their business journey. The EBA’s courses have been created by James Caan and Bev James, and specifically designed to teach its participants the skills required to take an idea and turn it into a reality.


Drawing on James’s experience as an entrepreneur and private equity investor, and in collaboration with Bev James and the EBA team of business experts, the EBA will teach you practical techniques to achieve your ambitions for your business. Our range of courses will help you maximise your sales, teach you when to take on new employees and expand into new markets. It will teach you the pitfalls to avoid and the techniques James applies in significantly increasing a company’s profitability and eventually preparing businesses for sale.


Why was the EBA created?


James Caan says - "I left school at a young age and years later, when I considered going back to study, I found there was a distinct lack of courses that provided genuine, practical lessons for small and medium-sized business owners. I opened a school for under-privileged children in Pakistan but it’s always been an ambition of mine to fill that gap in the market and provide a training program that prepares people for the reality of growing a business, not just teaching theory from a textbook.


This is why I was so excited to work with Bev in the creation of the EBA. I know how tough it is for an entrepreneur and how lonely that journey can be because I’ve been there and done it, and through the EBA, we’re providing the opportunity to network with like-minded business owners and be mentored by carefully selected advisors – our Millionaire Mentors who have all run successful companies , some of which have made their millions and have been involved in business for many years.


The courses we have put together are tailored to the entrepreneur at every stage of their business’s life cycle. I have grown a business from a broom cupboard to a global multi-national in 46 countries, and now I buy and sell companies through my private equity firm Hamilton Bradshaw. Every course draws on real-life learnings from my experiences and lessons I learnt along the way. I wish I had had the opportunity to learn from others who had already made the mistakes I was about to make. I have no doubt it would have helped me achieve my success far sooner."


We look forward to welcoming you to The Entrepreneurs' Business Academy.





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