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28 Feb, 2011

8 Steps to Develop a Digital Mindset and Create Followers by Penny Power

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8 Steps to develop a Digital Mindset and create Followers – Penny Power

EBA Millionaire Mentor, Penny Power shares her 8 steps to Develop a Digital Mindset and Create Followers.

1. Be a niche player

The Internet forces us to define ourselves to be noticed and followed. Take time to develop your niche and ensure you feel passionate about it. Your thoughts, opinions and beliefs need to be infectious and clear.

2. Become Open, Random and Supportive

Be yourself online and be the best you can be. The Internet is ‘Open, Random and Supportive’ (ORS). It is a social place, not a transactional world, so be a friend. Those who are ‘Closed, Selective and Controlling’ (CSC) are showing an old approach to business: targeted and in it only for yourself.

3. Know yourself – share your knowledge

Many people focus on what they are selling. The Internet is about sharing what you know not what you are selling. People are interested in learning from you and from the people who inspire you. When you build a reputation as someone who ‘knows’ their subject they become the ‘go to’ person and grow their following. Be a ‘go to person’ in your niche.

4. ‘Know Me’ through Social Media and broadcasting

Use your knowledge to inspire others. Create content on Blogs, YouTube Video’s, Slideshare, and many other publishing sites and ‘get known’ and ‘get found’. Be ready for a wide network and embrace the random and be open and supportive to those you come into contact with.

5. ‘Like Me’ have a two-way conversation

Social Media works by both ‘broadcasting’ your message through social media; and also by ‘responding’ to others, via social networking. Don’t forget to talk. Being a broadcaster will not serve you if your conversation is one-sided. Understand the vaues you have as a person, not just as a transactional thinker.

6. ‘Follow Me’ – to have followers you have to lead

Be aware of how you can lead and influence others. Be a leader and lead people with your knowledge, beliefs and values.

7. Notice and Share

Don’t bore people and control people with only your thoughts and opinions. Create a network around you that shares your interests and add to your knowledge and notice and share their content. Start to share the good stuff. Most social media websites allow you to share information. This requires you to set up ‘feeds’. Twitter is a great place to start to do this. Make sure you link your content into Twitter as it is easy for others to then ‘notice and share’ your ‘tweets’.

8. Create daily habits

Finally, don’t do this social media stuff only when you feel like it: start creating daily habits that enable you to do it more often. Make sure you have set up the technology so it is easy to do and then do it through a Smartphone while you are on the move. I hate to be tied to a PC, as do most people. Go out and service your clients and at the same time support your network of friends online.

Penny Power is  an EBA Millionaire Mentor.

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1 | Dez Futak

March 13th, 2011 at 22:56


I like the “ORS” idea – especially fits in the context of microblogging platforms like Twitter.

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