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27 Mar, 2012

Dress To Impress – Ann Skidmore

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Dress To Impress by Ann Skidmore

It is a truth not universally acknowledged that we judge each other initially not by what we say, but by how we look. How we dress sends a powerful message about our level of competence as well as our self-confidence. During the first minute of meeting someone we analyse every detail of information we receive.

We make unconscious judgements about age, background, interests, family, and material worth. We ask, “Is this person like me? Are they different to me?” Some conclusions will be accurate and some will not, but they can be hard to shift.

The most important rule of all is:
“Dress the body you have – not the body you want.”

Ask Yourself:

  • What are your clothes saying about you?
  • What 3 Words would people use to describe your appearance? 
  • Do the words reflect your brand and your business as well as you?
  • Are they words you want them to use?

There is little point in spending hundreds or thousands of pounds on a stylish corporate identity if you look as if you have spent less than £10 on your appearance. Image coaching can have a powerful impact on total business performance.

My work is all about making sure my clients wear clothes in colours that complement their personality, in styles that suit their height and body shape, and are suitable for their work environment. I want people to feel self-assured on the inside and to look confident and feel authentic on the outside.

Reinforce your personal brand

Style choices ar not only for women. Men can show their colours and individuality through their socks, cufflinks, shoes and other accessories. Those who prefer designer brands and subtle style define themselves by the qualities of the brands they choose to wear.

David Beckham Epitomises this. Richard Branson is a style natural too. You rarely see him in a business suit. His image is down-to-earth and relaxed. Deceptively casual – always well groomed.

At the other extreme is Borris Johnson, whose hair is very much a part of ‘brand Borris’ but whose scruffy dress sense has undermined his credibility on occasion.

Be Colour Conscious

  • Red Shows confidence and energy – too much is aggressive.
  • Yellow and orange are positive, happy colours that work in moderation.
  • Blue, black and cream are safe neutrals.
  • Browns and purples suit everyone.
  • Too many pastle shades will make you invisible.

People may forget names but they will often remember something distinctive about your appearance or what you are wearing. Make sure that they remember you appropriatley. I once listened to a man give a speech in a cartoon tie.

He was conveying a serious message, but it was hard to take him seriously because there was a  mismatch between what he was wearing and what he said.

It is always important to make sure that you are wearing the outfit – rather than the outfit wearing you. There is no need to suppress who you are – but dress to suit your environment rather thanjust yourself, at work.

Remember – First Impressions Are Lasting Impressions

  • Body Language – give others space so they don’t feel threatened.
  • Eye Contact is important, but some cultures like more than others. Don’t stare.
  • Good grooming matters. Untidiness suggests that you ‘can’t be bothered’ and will undermine your credibility.
  • Smile – you will be noticed.
  • Be yourself – focus on other people, listen, breathe and smile.



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