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07 Feb, 2013

Retaining Your Top Performers And Keeping Them – Bev James

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Retaining Your Top Performers And Keeping Them - Bev James

Retaining top performers starts on the day they first arrive and continues every day thereafter. In my business we celebrate a new recruit’s first day to let them know they are valued from the outset.

They receive a card signed with messages from the whole team and will find flowers or champagne to welcome them on their desk. We go out for a team meal to celebrate our success and build team spirit.


Tips for retaining top performers


  • Wow them, make them feel special, whatever job they are doing within the company.
  • Make sure they know what they need to do to be successful.
  • Have a planned induction process that ensures new recruits meet everyone in the company and have a contact in every department.
  • Develop and train, help them to consistently exceed their personal best.
  • Make sure they are in the right role to match their skills and values.
  • Ensure you have a balance between support and challenge.
  • Be honest, open and respectfully direct.


Develop an owner mentality in every employee


When an employee has an ownership mentality they never come to you with a problem without delivering a solution too. They are less likely to forget to turn off the lights or the air conditioning at the end of the day; they will be polite to all customers and will be more likely to return a sales enquiry.

When a member of staff has an owner mentality they are creative and move with purpose. They speak about the business with passion and commitment. They are driven by results and take great pleasure in achieving success for the business.


Steps to creating an ownership mentality


  • Have belief in your team and demonstrate by giving them projects to champion.
  • Manage your mood and choose the appropriate response.
  • Be honest about your financial goals and set up charts to monitor progress.
  • Be a mentor to them.

When your employees have an ownership mentality they feel empowered to make a difference and care about the bottom line as much as you do. An energised and committed workforce knows that you care about their welfare will focus on delivering the best of their ability – because people work for people – not for organisations.

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