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07 Nov, 2011

“Take control of your online PR” says EBA PR Expert Sue Blake

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"Take control of your online PR" says EBA PR Expert Sue Blake

In the old days – pre internet I mean – if you wanted to raise your profile the avenues available to you were print and broadcast media. Taking out an ad in Yellow Pages or your Thomson Local didn’t quite cut it, and still doesn’t. And let’s be honest, these days who actually looks for expert services in this way? You ‘google’ first, right? You ask people who they recommend, yes?

I believe most people with a business would say they genuinely would like to have a higher public profile. How to get it is another.

For sure, if you’ve never approach a newspaper or magazine editor, you’d find the ‘do it yourself’ route pretty daunting. You only get one chance to make a great first impression with an editor. Working with the media is a learned skill just like your skills. So, if we put traditional print and broadcast media coverage to one side for a moment, let’s have a look at how you can raise your profile, and your game online, to be easier to be found to do business with.

Firstly, look at your own surfing habits.

  • How do you look for expertise these days?
  • What influences your decision to reach out and make contact with an expert whose expertise you need? (You have a problem and need a solution).
  • And what influences you not to?

Secondly, blogging and tweeting still isn’t everyone’s cup of tea yet done well and authentically done, these activities really can draw people to you.

We are definitely in the era of conversation marketing and for sure, people do like to feel they know someone a little more before they buy. There has never been such a good time, opportunity or necessity to showcase yourself and your unique talents. Take control of your message before other people do it for you.

But if you just can’t quite muster the effort to blog & tweet and really can’t see the point, then don’t do it. Wait until it grips and excites you. Yet you can participate against other peoples blogs, sharing your views and opinions and increasing your visibility this way.

Thirdly, do you enjoy wrtiting? Are you good at article writing?

Writing for websites where your target market surf and connect would be an excellent use of your time then. I think peoples’ attention spans for reading online are shorter than with traditional media, so short, say, 500-750 word articles with plenty of tips & takeaway work well. Remember to add your by-line info too and website.

If you are into social media then the additional value of online coverage is its tweetability. It’s far harder for you to share print media in a digital world and not all content appears online anyway. Many people don’t rate digital exposure and see it as ‘noise’. But if you are strategic and write for the best sites for your target market, I think you can be sure it’ll not be a waste of time.

And finally, with LinkedIn and ecademy being hugely popular professional networking sites, the importance of your very best online profile cannot be underestimated. The pages of these sites are google optimised and done well, reflecting key search words/phrases relevant for your expertise that your target market actually use, will significantly work smarter to generate enquiries to your door.

In an ideal world, as a professional visibility/media relations expert, I’d say it is a blend of all forms of medias that you want to aim for. Nothing beats the thrill of being in national press yet you need a good story/pitch to get considered. Taking control of your online PR is an activity you more influence the outcome of.

Pratice it. Polish it. Perfect it. But be sure to be in it.

Sue Blake is the EBA PR Expert

2 Responses to "“Take control of your online PR” says EBA PR Expert Sue Blake"

1 | Antonia Hawke

November 10th, 2011 at 13:03


Great thoughts from Sue as always and as an EBA member who has benefited from some great EBA profile PR and I can confirm that it works.

Coming from a traditional marketing and PR background, going “social” has been a bit daunting! But one of my team has taken me by the hand and shown me what to do step by step and every day now we are doing something on the social netwoks. It still scares me a bit, but my advice for those, like me, who were worried about “personal” info, it’s up to you what you say and how you use the media. I even have apps now on my smart phone now, so I can update as and when I please staying true to our strategy – using the media in the best interest of the business.

2 | Liz Mowatt

November 10th, 2011 at 14:52


As always, great advice from Sue. I always print out her advice and refer back to it time and time again. I do wonder how dreary life must have been for businesses getting the message out before the advent of the digital age.

Following advice from the EBA, I wrote and submitted a News Release for the Fundraising UK website. They made a few tweaks and then published it. As a result within a week it had been read by over 600 people (within the charity sector) and several charities registered with us as a result. Terrific exposure for us and charities happy to have found us!

You can read the article here.

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