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14 Feb, 2012

The Art of Loving your Customers

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The Art of Loving your Customers

Strong sales skills are essential for business survival. Every time you exchange goods or services for other people’s money you are in the business of selling.

Business owners who are motivated solely by profit or a love for their product are likely to think, “I want to sell this and I need people to buy it,” rather than, “What does the customer want and how can I best solve their problem or fulfill their need?”

The best sales people know that when they connect with their customers a sale is more likely to be made.

Understand your customers’ needs

Selling is not something you do to people; it is a service that you provide for people.

At the end of the day, customers won’t buy what they don’t want. Closing a sale, should be about helping the customer to make up their mind. Leaving a decision open-ended can lead to procrastination, which does not help anyone.

If you can provide your customers with what they want, closing the deal should be seamless and painless, for both people. There will be no awkwardness. No one needs to feel pressured or uncomfortable. The process is fun, because both parties are achieving the result they want.

But first you need to be able to recognise your customers and know your market niche. There is no point in trying to sell to everyone.

If you are fishing for salmon you do not wade into the river with a trawler net. You need to provide a juicy incentive to make that salmon notice you.

Offer your customer incentives

We all respond well to incentives. That is why the January sales work so well.

Being offered a rare opportunity within a limited time helps us to decide what we want; a free gift or a discount helps to justify the wish to buy. Incentives work best when you target your market carefully. Focus on attracting only those who you know are likely to bite. It is about having a personal connection.

Keep the love alive

You can tell when a business owner has disconnected from their work. They lose the “spark” that drives their passion; they have “fallen out of love” with their business and the people they serve.

That has a knock on effect, because if a customer feels uncared for, they will complain.

Complaints mean that the business is not serving their customers properly – which means the owner is not doing their job properly. If you do not like and respect your customers it is a slippery downhill slope.

If you spend a disproportionate amount of time fielding customer complaints, you will eventually “go off” your customers and lose your love for your business. Your focus will become less about service and more about money. You will focus mainly on the financial return and stop putting the needs of the customer first.

Be excited about meeting your customers’ needs

If you serve someone well and with integrity, you are less likely to have complaints and more likely to stay “in love” with your customers. They will want to buy from you because they feel cared for. They will sense that you are not selling just to make yourself lots of money.

If you create something that people need and want, and you promote it in such a way that your customer makes a connection with you – the money will come.

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