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05 Oct, 2011

Understand your competition and then out-flank it! – Simon Middleton

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Understand your competition and then out-flank it! by Simon Middleton

“Creating a winning brand is at least in part dependent on understanding your competition and then out-flanking it,” says Simon Middleton, EBA Millionaire Mentor and Brand Strategy Guru. “Not by spending more money, but by being more distinctive, more compelling and more emotionally engaging. And you don’t need to hire an agency to analyse your market place.”

To help you define who your competitors are you can place them into two broad types:

  • The first type – Businesses that are quite like yours in terms of their products and services. In other words, competing in what they do.
  • The second type – Businesses that offer different products and services to yours but which are aimed at similar people, either because of location, or niche interest. In other words, competing in who they sell to.

Pause for thought: you’d think there are enough coffee shops in the world wouldn’t you? Yet coffee shops continue to open on every high street on a regular basis. Those that survive and thrive are those which have created a distinctive brand experience.

Don’t be frightened by competition, but do get the measure of it and differentiate your business.

In a crowded marketplace, it’s your responsibility to stand out from the crowd.

Simon Middleton is an EBA Millionaire Mentor and author of Build a Brand in 30 days.

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