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14 Feb, 2011

Your brand position is not something you do. It’s something you are.

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Your brand position is not something you do. It's something you are.

Positioning, as the word implies, is about where you want your business to be. But positioning isn’t about geography: it’s about where you want to be in the heads and hearts of your customers.

Positioning is a relative concept. It’s about the space your brand occupies relative to other comparable brands. The rule of thumb is that it’s very difficult for two brands to occupy the same ‘position’, which is why successful brands tend to be those which have established highly distinguished positions: different to their competitors.

No brand exists in a vacuum. There are always competitors around somewhere, and one of the mistakes that new entrepreneurs make is to think that they have no competition or that they can succeed just by imitating another successful brand.

The brutal truth is that you cannot be a brand in any sort of useful sense if you claim to be ‘simply the best’, nor if you try to copy another brand’s position.
Positioning is multi faceted: it’s not a simply matter of being cheaper or more expensive than your competitors, nor just about a wide range or more specialist knowledge.

It’s about creating a truly distinctive set of meanings to which your potential customers can relate, and which they will recognise as offering something quite different from the run of the mill.

Simon Middleton is an EBA Millionaire Mentor.

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3 | Tristan Hemsley

October 5th, 2011 at 15:51


Thanks for this post, Simon. As a start-up business in a relatively crowded market (as most markets are, of course), we have invested a lot of time and effort in trying to create a fresh brand identity that differentiates us from our competitors. So far the feedback from our customers has been very positive!

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